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List of Eligible Voters: Life Members & Annual Members 2014 Election notification date 10/11/2014.Nominations due date 10/25/2014.Nominations withdrawal due date 11/01/2014.Slate of candidates 11/2/2014.Election Date 11/15/2014. List of nominations as of now: Click here. Albany Telugu Association Election 2015 – Result ProcessEC wants to publish the results process ahead of the voting date so, all the voters/members are here by being informed about this process. Please also treat this email as a friendly reminder for the up coming election on Saturday, Nov 15th 2014. You will be receiving a reminder email from a day before.Note: Voting is for a 24 hours period on Saturday, Nov 15th 2014, so please utilize this opportunity and cast your right in electing the right board for 2015.All the contestants shall be declared elect based on simple majority, where as for an amendment to pass it needs 2/3rd majority of the good standing members as per the current bylaws.This information shall also be posted on the website i.e in Albany Telugu Association Elections page Election ResultsResults Analysis: Sunday, Nov 16th 2014 at 9:00 AM
Declaration: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AMThe link to the results page shall be posted to Albany Telugu Association Website.Tie Situation: Should there be any tie situation, EC shall administer as per the following. Starting at 2:00 PM on Nov 16th 2014, in the presence of tie candidates, current President, Secretary and nominee’s(must be there for president tie situation) and members are welcome to watch(optional) at Albany Hindu Temple.#1) Tie for BOA: For positions 1-4 shall be filled even if all four get same votes and/or few. For the 5th position, Lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect one out of tie candidates.#2) Tie for BOD: For positions 1-5 shall be filled even if all five get same votes and/or few. For the 6th position, Lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect one out of tie candidates.#3) Tie for President: All the newly elected BOD’s shall be voting and electing the president, In case if there is a tie even after that then lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect.PS: At local government/town board elections they follow this process called “Draw a straw”, “Flip a coin” etc. Since there is a chance for more than 2 people to tie we have chosen lottery by chit.Election Committee for Term 2015Venugopal Daroori
Harish Chakilam
Venkateswara Rao AndeElection Committee Email Id:


Albany Telugu Association Elections for Term 2014


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