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ATA Elections-2015


ATA elections 2015 - Final Results

We congratulate all the Elected board members of ATA Term-2015.

President : V V Rami Reddy Muppidi

Board Of Directors:

  • Sridhar Pentyala

  • Subhani Pattan

  • Srinnivas Arvapally

  • Sambasiva(Sam) Punyala

  • Sireesha Nallamothu

  • Manjula Salgam


Board Of Advisors:

  • Sridhar Kothagundla

  • Yadi Reddy Dudi

  • Prasanth Thummalapalli

  • Jaya Avvaru

  • Srinivas Koduri


We have witnessed a historical voting turnout of 85%.



ATA elections 2015 - Updates

Election Notification: Click here.

Nomination Form: Click here.

List of Eligible Voters: Life Members & Annual Members 2014


  • Election notification date 10/11/2014.
  • Nominations due date 10/25/2014.
  • Nominations withdrawal due date 11/01/2014.
  • Slate of candidates 11/2/2014.
  • Election Date 11/15/2014.


List of nominations as of now: Click here.


ATA Election 2015 - Result Process

  • Voting is for a 24 hours period on Saturday, Nov 15th 2014, so please utilize this opportunity and cast your right in electing the right board for 2015.
  • All the contestants shall be declared elect based on simple majority, where as for an amendment to pass it needs 2/3rd majority of the good standing members as per the current bylaws.
This information shall also be posted on the website i.e in ATA Elections page 
Election Results
Results Analysis: Sunday, Nov 16th 2014 at 9:00 AM
Declaration: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
The link to the results page shall be posted to ATA Website.
Tie Situation: Should there be any tie situation, EC shall administer as per the following. Starting at 2:00 PM on Nov 16th 2014, in the presence of tie candidates, current President, Secretary and nominee's(must be there for president tie situation) and members are welcome to watch(optional) at Albany Hindu Temple.
#1) Tie for BOA: For positions 1-4 shall be filled even if all four get same votes and/or few. For the 5th position, Lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect one out of tie candidates.
#2) Tie for BOD: For positions 1-5 shall be filled even if all five get same votes and/or few. For the 6th position, Lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect one out of tie candidates.
#3) Tie for President: All the newly elected BOD's shall be voting and electing the president, In case if there is a tie even after that then lottery(by chits) shall be used to elect.
PS: At local government/town board elections they follow this process called "Draw a straw", "Flip a coin" etc. Since there is a chance for more than 2 people to tie we have chosen lottery by chit.

Election Committee for Term 2015

Venugopal Daroori
Harish Chakilam
Venkateswara Rao Ande

Election Committee Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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