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2012 Albany Telugu Association Events

Albany Telugu Association formally launched on January 16th 2010 is a way where all the Telugu people connect to each other. The connection increases when more people participate and come to the events.Please join us in every event possible and we will try to make every event day memorable.

We had the following events in 2012.


Ugadi Utsavalu were held on March 24th 2012 at the Hindu Cultural Center, Albany. The event was a huge success and more than 550people turned out for this event, a special thanks to all the people who sponsored, volunteered, Participated, attended and organized this whole program. Specail thanks to Telugu Badi organizers and their students for their excellent performance of “priyam vEkaTEsam”. Everybody enjoyed the event.

Below are some of the highlights of the event. Click on them to see video.

  • “priyam vEkaTEsam” by Telugu Badi students
  • Mime Show
  • AA Naluguru skit, telling about value of Education and donating Education
  • Many Classical & other dances
  • Telugu Badi had their participation to the fullest extent, Dances, Songs and Anchoring, Anchoring of the whole program was very nice and they presented it in best possible way.
  • Swayamvaram skit
  • Total 22 programs and mora than 550 audience
  • Pindi vantal poti, more than 15 participants
  • Food drive
  • Overall Ugadi Utsavalu presented excellent moments to start a Telugu new year.

Click Here for Ugadi Utsavalu pictures

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Ugadi Utsavalu was held on March 24th 2012 at the Hindu Cultural Center,Albany. The event was very successful and everybody had lots of fun..

Please find some video links below


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