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2015 Events - Sankranthi

2015 Events:


Sankrathi Sambaraalu TV coverage:  TV 9   TV 5 

News coverage:   Telugu Times           Sakshi            Telugu Community News 

Video links (by Dr.Govind Rao garu ):  Part I   Part II  

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Muggula Poti (Rangoli competition) Pictures:

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Dear Albany Telugu Association Members and Friends, 

We thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts for attending and making the Albany Telugu Association Sankranthi Sambaraalu held on Saturday January 17th, 2015, a grand success. 


You all braved the weather and showed how much you love and care for the community. Your courage is commendable. Without any one of you, the event wouldn't have been held successfully. We appreciate all your patience and perseverance throughout the event. 


There were about  thousands of man hours involved behind the grand success of this mega event in the last two months which includes man hours of all the participants and their parents, choreographers, dedicated volunteers, sponsors, vendors, MC's, DJ, Temple Helpers, and Albany Telugu Association team. 


Thanks to Mimicry Ramesh garu for accepting our request to come over here, and for his wonderful performance.


Thanks to choreographers, participants, and the parents of the child participants for making our program a grand success. 


Thank to participants in Muggla poti, which has the highest turnout this time and Kite making competition which was introduced first time in Albany Telugu Association. Thank the parents in encouraging the kids to participate in those activities.  


Thanks to our Sponsors for their generosity and the trust they had in us. 


Thanks to Muggula poti and Kite making competition judges for their valuable time and effort. 


Thanks to MC's Haritha Bogadapati, Padmaja Yekolla, and Raj Addepalli for taking the attention of all the audience with their extraordinary performance. 


Thanks to Rainbow Special Events (Harinii Kaki, Prakash Kaki, Bindu Gutta, Geetha Rani Vengala) for their wonderful decoration. 


Thanks to Kanaka Byraju for his amazing photography. 


Thanks to volunteers from India who helped us getting banners, and Ariselu. 


Thanks to DJ Ravi Bhat for providing excellent audio system and service. 


I would like to extend this thanks to spouses and kids of Albany Telugu Association team members for their wonderful support, as you know without their support we can’t achieve this, this Albany Telugu Association team credit goes to their family. 


Last but not least our hearty thanks to all the volunteers, and also youth volunteers (introduced first time in Albany Telugu Associationwho helped in shopping, cutting, cooking, serving, front desk, stage, audio system, muggula poti, kite making competition, cultural programs, arranging the auditorium and kitchen, and cleaning etc.,. Special thanks to food volunteers for cooking delicious dinner.


We hope you all have enjoyed the event as much as we did. Please look out for photos & videos on our website in a short while.


Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused during the event which were not in our control.


We value your feedback and would like to hear from you. Please feel free to give your feedback and suggestions on improvements that we could make for our future events by sending us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We are very excited and are looking forward to a great year 2015. Please look forward for our Ugadhi Utsavaalu notification.


Thank you, 

Albany Telugu Association Team.




Dear Albany Telugu Association members and friends,

We cordially invite you and your family for "Sankranthi Sambaraluon Saturday, Jan 17th, 2015 at Hindu Cultural Center, 450 Albany Shaker Road, Loudonville, NY, 12211


Special attraction:

Mimicry by International fame, The king of Mimicry, Mimicry Megastar, Mimicry Yuvarathna, Hasyakala Vidhooshi, and Mimicry Maghadheera, ..... Shri Mimicry Ramesh gaaru.


ఆల్బని తెలుగు సంఘం వారి సంక్రాంతి వంటకాలు!!

Albany Telugu Association FOOD MENU for "Sankranthi Sambaralu"


on Saturday, Jan 17th, 2015 at Hindu Cultural Center, 450 Albany Shaker Road, Loudonville, NY, 12211.

REMAX Capital Card1
REMAX Capital Card