Election 2022

Albany Telugu Association Election Results for the year 2022

Dear Members of Albany Telugu Association (ATA), 

The Election Committee has invited nominations for all the open positions in Board and any Amendments to the Bylaws.

The following candidates have been unanimously elected for the positions mentioned below. 

 Board Results for the year 2022 


              Sridhar Ryali

 Board of Directors (BODs): 

  Vasavi Roddam

                 Kalyana Chakravarthy Kasina

            Praveena Ganti

            Venugopal Gunji

            Manjula Reddy Narra

            Harish Kumar Ravula

Board of Advisors (BOAs): 

  Sriharsha Nunna

  Sridhar Lanka

  Bhanu Kandi

  Sharath Shivanna

  Chandra S Sekhar



The election process has been completed. Congratulations to all the elected Board members.

With the declaration of election results, the ATA Election Committee has been dissolved.


ATA Election Committee 2021

Naga Kalapala

Kalyan Kompally

Sridhar Kothagundla


Dear Albany Telugu Association Members,

Ref: Albany Telugu Association (ATA) Election Notification for the term starting Jan 1st, 2022.

The newly formed Election Committee is charged with the task of soliciting nominations & conducting elections for ATA and also soliciting amendments to [http://www.albanytelugu.org/images/by-laws_continue.pdf] for the term starting Jan 1st, 2022. Please see the notification document below which describes the open positions and other details, Nomination form is also attached along with summary and election committee contacts below. 

  – All positions are open as the term for elected office bearers is one year. There are 6 BODs, 5 BOAs, and one President.

  – Only self-nominations are allowed. If you are interested, send in your name. If you want somebody else to run, convince them to send in their name.

  – Filled and signed nomination forms should be sent to ataelectioncommittee@gmail.com 

  – If you believe that ATA by-laws can be improved, please propose an amendment. In your proposal, describe what issue the proposed amendment resolves and how it does so. Please send amendments to ataelectioncommittee@gmail.com along /w description and comments, so we can post it to the online spreadsheet.

  – Family membership entitles two votes – one for the member and the other for the member’s spouse. However, the electronic (online) voting process employed by ATA Election Committee requires an unique email id for each voter. 

  – You can find links to ATA by-laws, amendments, 2021 Voters List, Nominations form, Elections details on http://albanytelugu.org/index.php/en/ata-elections/ata-elections-2022

Important Dates:

Election notification date: 10/09/2021

Nomination and Amendments filing start date: 10/09/2021

Nomination and Amendments due date 10/23/2021

Nomination and Amendments withdrawal due date 10/30/2021

Slate of candidates and Amendments: 10/31/2021

Election Date: 11/20/2021 (Backup date: 12/04/2021)

Election Notification: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GdEXx2ZLhQl5t6BfuBwvh4og0f6P_RUg/edit#

Nomination Form: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nAOaliQj-cu1la0UzTEMGBAA8advBQ-P/edit#bookmark=id.gjdgxs

List of nominations and proposed amendments as of now: 


List of Eligible Voters: 

Life Members: http://albanytelugu.org/index.php/en/members/lifemembers & Annual Members: http://albanytelugu.org/index.php/en/members/ata-elections-2022 


1) ATA Election Notification for term 2022

2) ATA Election Nomination Form for term 2022

Please send us an email to ‘ataelectioncommittee@gmail.com‘ if you have any questions or concerns.  


Election Committee 

Naga Kalapala

Kalyan Kompally

Sridhar Kothagundla